A Lyme Mommy

Stiff joints, blurry vision and body aches consume my body, every morning. I feel like I can’t move, bend or do anything until my body finally “wakes up”. I feel like I am in this never ending fog of sickness. As I push myself to get out of bed. Two crying babies await for a diaper change and breakfast. While the oldest two are “jumping off the walls”, bored from summer vacation. Yet the day has yet to begin. A whole to-do list awaits me. So all I can think is why me? How am I going to make it through another day?  Why did I have to contract Lyme Disease? How am I going raise 4 children under age 8? Then I remind myself that I cannot give up. That I must keep fighting to get better, to achieve the happiness and success I deserve. Because if I question the bad, I must question the good. I must question everything, but I won’t. I know things happen for a reason. So I continue to push forward to beat this Lyme. To be a Lyme Mommy that four little people will look up to.


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Unity amongst women

To my women and mothers. Let’s empower, educate and inspire one another each and every day. Through our words, actions and behaviors. How we treat one another. Remembering that we all can shine at the same time. Lets love, not hate!

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Father’s Day: Celebrating Single Moms

A special day of the year for many fathers, but also many single moms. Single mothers who occupy the roles of mom and dad. While many fathers get to walk out on their kids and never look back. Or come around once and while, when they feel like it. Then think they should be commended.While mothers carry the full burden of raising one or more children. As they struggle to feed, nurture and protect their children on their own.

Yet it all comes down to biology. Men can’t physically have children, so walking away is an easy thing to do.There only biological goal is to reproduce as many times as possible. Something a woman cannot do. Once a woman gets pregnant, she cannot become pregnant again. Her body and life changes for the next nine months. With the understanding that her life will never be the same. That she has a new responsibility. Her baby, her offspring.

So when things don’t work out and the father leaves their child. For whatever the reason may be. A mother’s maternal instinct kicks in and they step up. Assuming the role of dad too. Because there isn’t anything a mother wouldn’t do for child that has been apart of her since conception.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Single Moms.

Woman vs. Mom

There will always be this silent battle between woman and mom. Where you struggle to balance the two. To be your own woman, then a mother to one or some.The roles sometimes get too intertwined and one gets more attention. While the other gets lost in the mix. And the way motherhood is set up, woman is usually lost before mom is. Its a mother’s maternal instincts to always put her children first. Putting herself, woman last.

But all you really need to do is to find a balance between the two roles. Separating mom from woman and vice verse. Respecting what your needs and wants as a woman. While remaining true to your duties as a mother to your children.

Womanhood: Self Growth

As a woman, you’ve know you have grown. When the petty things don’t trigger you to pop off. And the stupidity and fakes don’t get to you. You just smile and laugh it off. Because you know who are and what you are worth. So stooping to their level just isn’t an option. As a queen never entertains the peasants. She knows they just cant compete. I call this growth.

Nicole A.  Walker

Excerpt from W.F. M.S

“It’s important to pay attention to your mind, body and soul as a woman. Cherishing every inch of yourself. Because there is no one made like you. ”

Chapter 2 Woman First Mother Second by Nicole A. Walker

(June 2015)

Natural hair Journey: Box Braids Install


Embarking on this natural hair journey. Ditched the hair dyes, perms and flat irons. I Installed my own box braids with hair extensions for cheap! A low maintenance hair style for my busy life. Plus its a great protective style that makes your hair grow. And I look beautiful; its a win-win situation !


Writing sample from the book WFMS: Making Peace with the Past


Making Peace with the Past, something we all seek to do.