A Touch of Inspiration Book Club (Woman First Mother Second)

Excited to have my book Woman First Mother Second first in line to be read by a new book club called A Touch of Inspiration created by Tashina Barnes. It’s a Long Island based women’s book club aimed at empowering women through reading. Its always good to partner with another women doing positive things. We are uplifting one another instead of tearing each other down. Women empowerment isn’t just a word or movement; it’s a way of life.


Being a Woman & Mother

As my twin boys turn 2 years old in 11 days and my 8 year old daughter begins puberty. And my 6 year old son drives me crazy. I am overwhelmed by stress, joy and fatigue. Wondering when these doctors will see how serious Lyme Disease is and find a cure. Because its a battle that is exhausting, mysterious and painful. Being a sick woman and mother. Not to mention a wife, writer and student. Life is crazy and days are long. But giving up is something I never could do. No matter how many times I thought about it. It just wasn’t something I could actually see through. Because of the four little faces I wake up to every day. I know waiting for cure or to finally find some answers to improve my health to at least 70% is worth it. So I never give up hope. I just continue to do my Lyme research as I push to get better.  Being grateful to be alive to raise my children and  to grow old with my soulmate. To empower other women and to share my story on this blog.

N. Walker


Motherhood: the ups and downs

I like to look at the big picture to keep me motivated each day. To keep me fighting to get better. So I try not to get annoyed when they twins are having their “crying challenges”. Or get mad when my older children are fighting over an eye roll. I look at all the good, what I have to be grateful for. I have been blessed with 4 smart, amazing children. And 2-year-old twin boys who are Lyme free; healthy, energetic as can be.  So although I walk in pain, get exhausted when we play and Lyme disease still lurks around. I am alive to raise, teach and guide my legacies. Because I know despite all that I endure daily. I am blessed to see my children grow, laugh and smile. Not every mother gets that chance. So I have learned to be grateful for the smallest things that come with no price tag. . . .

New Video: Author Nicole A. Walker

(Woman First Mother Second)

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Excerpt from Woman First Mother Second by Nicole Walker

Take a look at an excerpt from Woman First Mother Second. Understand Nicole’s story, see how you can be inspired to let go of the people, places and things weighing you down.





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Poem: You know you are a mother when. . . .

          . . . . going to the bathroom alone is a privilege

           . . . . all you want for mother’s day is to sleep in late.

           . . . . your children are first people you think of when you wake up in the morning.

            . . . . you will stop at nothing to see your children smile.

             . . . . clubbing is a distant memory and you’d rather stay in with your family.

            . . . . you feel guilty for wanting some  “me time” , even though its only right.

. . . . you exchanged your jeans and heels for yoga pants and some kicks.

. . . . vow to protect your children with your own life.

. . .  . you know motherhood begins  in conception.

. . . . you make a promise that your children will be a better you.