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Self Love is the Foundation of a Woman’s Identity

Self-love helps define who you are. It comes from within. It means loving you for you. Never putting yourself down. Taking time to listen to your heart. Your own wants and needs. What you want in life. Where you want to be in life. And going after the woman you want to be. Because when you truly love yourself the woman you are inside and out.You will surely know it. You will feel a sense of inner peace & comfort Nothing can steal the joy you feel in heart for you! You will feel completely in love with the idea of yourself.


What does Twerking symbolize?

Twerking is a popular dance movement. Seen on youtube, television and street corners. From Beyonce and Miley Cyrus to the overdeveloped teen girl next door. Even your 5 year old baby cousin can twerk to the beat. She watched her sister thrust her hips and shake her booty. Every female knows how to twerk. Yet more than half of them are uneducated, undomesticated and have no self respect.Because society has already developed this idea of what a woman should look like. How a woman should be.  Which is why such a provocative dance has gained so much attention. All this craze about a woman shaking and bouncing her bare butt. Something that probably should of stayed in the strip clubs is everywhere. Twerking” has became  a raunchy way to devalue a woman’s body. It takes women one step further down in society. While reinforcing the belief that we are sex objects. That we must show our skin and breasts to be seen. While having our butt implants exposed to be heard. While teaching the younger generation of girls the wrong idea of self love.Yet the women who are working. Getting an education. Working hard to make it. Doing it the right way. Don’t get the same attention or respect. No matter how beautiful they are. How smart they are. Or how strong of a woman they are.They are always at a disadvantage. Strong women just aren’t willing to disrespect themselves for fame, money or some man’s attention.How can we expect others to respect us, if we don’t respect ourselves?  We as women need to do better. Keep our clothes on. Take care of our kids. Get an education. Get a job. Stop worrying about MEN! You wont be single forever. But HIV/AIDS is! Take your time. Love yourself first. Stand strong. Be a WOMAN you can be proud of.

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In this inspirational guidebook, Nicole A. Walker shares her life experiences, personal thoughts and tips to getting your life on track. Follow a journey of a supermom of four battling Lyme Disease. See her courage, strength and motivation to change despite the odds against her. As she provides you with the tips, tools and resources to make changes in your life. Nicole will inspire and motivate you to seek, analyze and reinvent the woman you desire to be. So whether you are a woman looking for change. A mom searching for some parenting tips. A teen girl expecting her first child.Or woman trying to conceive another baby. Woman First Mother Second will educate and empower you to change.


Inspirational Quote of the Week: Nicole A. Walker

Today is a new day to take on new challenges. Another opportunity to love yourself harder than the day before. So get out in the world and explore yourself on a deeper level. Discover all the things that truly make you happy. Do something you never did before. Take chances you usually wouldn’t attempt. Live for today likes its your last day on earth. For tomorrow isn’t promised and today isn’t guaranteed.

Confessions of a Superwoman by Nicole A. Walker (December 2015)

“A self aware woman always checks herself first; analyzing what she may have done or not done. Her role and actions in the situation at hand. Seeing how she has affected the situation, argument or fight. She knows that no matter how great she is or how confident she is. Or how self aware she may be. That she isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes too. ”

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Authentic, inspirational and informative; Nicole Walker’s second book Confessions of a Superwoman

. . . .A self aware woman is one who is aware of who she is and what she represents. Emotionally and mentally prepared for any situation that may arise. Knowing when to take action and when to fall back. She is aware of her strengths and weakness.What she likes and doesn’t like. She is self aware because she understands the way people think, act and feel. Her surroundings and anything that reserves a space in her world. Aware of the role she plays in the relationships in her life. Owning up to her mistakes when she has done wrong to someone. Without placing blame on others or ignoring the issue. . . . .