Real Men Respect Women with Standards

We can point the finger at men and talk about how much they are dogs.Yet the real issue is why women feel the need to sacrifice their self worth for a man. Either women have high or low standards;  or none at all. Or its possibly due to low self esteem, lack of awareness or just plain stupidity. We accept behavior from men that we shouldnt. But we as women need to know we set the tone for the way men will treat us. As men are pretty simple creatures who think about love, dating and relationships in a simple way. Either you are somebody they just want to sleep with or they want something more with you. There’s really no in between. Generally speaking a man will only do what you allow him to do. He will only give what your willing to accept, unless you say and show otherwise. So if a man doesn’t respect you and everything that entails you, he isn’t for you. No matter how much he says he likes, cares or loves you. If a man doesn’t know your worth. He never will. Because real men respect women with standards who know what they want and deserve. Its up to us as Queens to love ourselves first and to never settle for less than we deserve. The real men will follow.


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