Struggle Builds Character 

We aren’t all dealt the same “hand” in life, which makes us all so inherently different . For some of us, we must work 10x harder to get what others get handed to them. We must struggle and beat all odds just to have a chance at a better life. Its just the “hand” we are sometimes dealt in life and how “we play it”; is up to us. 

Struggle teaches us a lot about who we are and what’s really important to us. As during our most trying times our characters are tested. Having to experience struggle can either build us up or brings us down.Thus separating the weak ones from the strong ones.Where the weak “run and hide” while the strong, “step up to the plate and bat like hell”.

Struggle is what separates the leaders from the followers. The winners from the losers.Its up to you to choose who you want to become. When people struggle their minds are forced to expand. Their hearts grow bigger and their whole character is strengthened by the wisdom they have gained. Having to work or literally struggle for what we need and want in life; teaches us to be independent, yet humble. As having to struggle increases our understanding for life. Filling us up with wisdom, love and light;to shine upon others.We are aware of who we are and what we want in life. 

Struggle instills us to never give up no matter how rough it gets. That if want something bad enough; nothing will stop you from achieving it. Your heart has been through struggle before, so you know how to handle it. So you know there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in life;because you’ve already survived the worst.