Raising a Child With ADHD (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity)

Raising a child with ADHD can be challenging and stressful; especially if the parents don’t know their children even have it. For all we know, one or both parents could have the same disorder, but was never diagnosed as a child either. As ADHD definitely has a strong hereditary basis to it. So often times it’s not diagnosed, treated or even thought of as an issue. 

Especially back in the day; where we had limited resources and research for conditions like ADHD. But times have changed. Today, things are different; we are more aware and educated than ever when it comes to raising our children. 

Yet ADHD is still a neurological condition that is often overlooked, misconstrued or written off altogether. For some feel ADHD is “just kids being kids” or something that they will just “grow out of”. Or it’s the “parents fault for not disciplining them enough”. As girls are suppose to be “quiet and lady like.” Whereas boys are the ones that are wild and hyper. ADHD is real, whether we acknowledge it or not.  So these fallacies we hear, couldnt be further from the real truth. 

In addition, the signs and symptoms of ADHD and another neurological condition called autism; often times overlap. Meaning that these conditions either mimick one another or it’s a case of commobordity . Which makes getting a accurate diagnosis, even harder. I mean how do we know if our child has autism or ADHD; or possibly both disorders if their symptoms mimick one another? Signs such as hyperactivity, implusivity, sleep issues , and the inability to focus on task . These are just some hallmark symptoms of autism and ADHD. 

So it can be hard to tell when our children are young;if they have a mental condition or not.But the truth is anyone can have this attention disorder. Even those adults who have been living with this mental condition and don’t even know they have it. Which is why it’s important our children get an ADHD diagnosis;  as early as possible in life. To secure their futures.

Yet despite the similarities; ADHD is a different neurological condition than autism. Two separate learning disabilities that need to be tackled from different angles.So as parents we need to always be aware and educated on ADHD and the effect it has on our children’s lives. In order to do what’s best for them; now and well into the future. And it begins at home with structure, special dieting and some level of discipline. The rest will vary from child to child and what you feel is in the best interest of your child. 

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Forgiveness: Letting Go of the OLD to let in the NEW ♡

Forgiveness means letting go of pain, disappointment and anger while learning from the choices we have made. So that we make better decisions the next time around. Forgetting what could of been destroyed in the past and looking forward to what we can build in the future. As it can be a hard thing to forgive others when they have done us wrong or have caused us heartache. So to deliver forgiveness can be tricky, depending on the situation and/or the parties involved. But it’s necessary for us to grow as human beings; individually and as a whole.

For life is too short to live it unhappy holding grudges over past issues or things we have no control over. As we are all human beings, so we will make a lot of mistakes. Time and time again. Mistakes we wish we never made and some we can never reverse. So why hold on to something that doesn’t benefit us? Or fear forgiveness because we “feel” the other person or parties have “won”; when in reality we are only fooling ourselves into thinking that our forgiveness lies in the hands of others. When in fact, forgiveness is a “me thing”. Its not about them, its about you. So we must understand forgiveness comes from our minds, bodies and souls because it’s what our hearts  tell us to do. Only we can control how and who we choose to forgive.

There’s Nothing More Valuable Than Family

My Brother’s Keeper ♡

A Mother’s Love

The bond between mother and child; will never compare to the love we have for our partners, friends or family members. A mother’s love is like no other kind of love in this world. The mere biological connection established right from conception supports this notion.As during pregnancy we are already considered a mom once we share our bodies with one or more other human beings. 

 For a mother’s  love is unconditional, inspiring and fulfilling. There’s nothing a real mom wouldn’t do to see her children safe, healthy and happy. And even when we begin to doubt ourselves; that gut feeling somehow always kicks in at the right moment in time. Enabling us to learn and grow as women and mothers.

For motherhood is a lifetime journey of ups and downs. So there will be days, months and years filled with struggles, joys and endless life lessons. For there is no right or wrong way to be a mom. We just do what we feel is best; what our hearts tell us do.  Where the meaning of love never changes, it only intensifies as our children get older and the life cycle continues to repeat itself. 

It’s no different then what animals do to protect their young in the wild. Like a mother bear does to raise her bear cubs; she protects, loves and cares for them by any means necessary.

 As a mother always knows whats best for her children. Whether they are 2, 29 or 40 years old; there’s no expiration date on motherhood. And instincts never lie, its embedded in our guts. So a real mom will move mountains, endure blizzards and survive the worst conditions to see her children smile. No matter how old they are. We know when they shine, we shine as mothers. Because she is them  and they are her.