Not Every WOMAN is Meant to be a MOM

Motherhood is far from a “walk in the park” and not every woman is “cut out” to be a mom. It sounds bad, but its the honest truth. I mean just because a woman can procreate, doesn’t mean; she can, will or want to have babies of her own. Nor is there any rule that says; just because a woman has a uterus, that she must become a mother. Not every woman wants to be a mother and that is okay.

But that isn’t the issue; as every woman has the right to choose. Just like the way a man, can choose whether or not to be a dad. The problem is that, women shouldn’t have kids;  if they don’t want to raise any. As they are the primary caretakers; whether dad chooses to be a dad or not. For the children are the ones, who suffer the most; now and in the future; for their “regrets”. So whether, they are young or old; some women aren’t the “type” to raise kids or have a family with. They don’t know anything about raising kids and have no “maternal bone” in them. It’s just how some women are and they shouldn’t be scrutinized or looked down upon for it. As every woman’s lifestyle is not the same and not every woman is meant to be a mother.

For raising children; whether it be 1 or 5, is a way of life or lifestyle. A life-time commitment; that is more than a title. One that not every woman can live up to. As we can tell a lot about a woman; from the way she raises her children. To how her children interact with her. To how the kids in the neighborhood love her. For children are the best judge of characters. They  know what’s real and what isn’t. As kids see no titles, they just know how we make them feel inside their hearts. Because a mom just has a different “swag” about her; she knows her worth and what she wants.



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