Family Over Everything 

Family over everything means that nothing can come between the bonds created. That no distance, situation or invaluable item can destroy what was meant to be. So even at our darkest moments or sunny days; we stand behind one another.  Without questioning who, what, where or why.  We do what’s necessary for one another; regardless of what others may think or feel.  Taking action and standing tall even when no one is looking.
Family over everything means doing for one another because of the love we have for each other. Not for “likes”, thank you’s or “street cred”. We just do what’s best for another, even it means sacrificing ourselves in the process. For no amount of money can buy real family; the loyalty and trust that comes with these “official” bonds. Ones that only intensify and get stronger with time. Then through struggle, love and heartache; we truly understand family is everything. A motto we live and die by.


A Step Mom’s Love

Not every woman can have children or their body is designed to carry them. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t meant to be a mom or raise children . Maybe their life path was created to be that way. Or they were meant to be a stepmom one day.

A step mom’s love that is genuine and heartfelt cannot be denied.  For its the love,  nurturing and support that matters the most; not the title itself. After all, a title is just that; if it isn’t “backed up” by real mothering . Thus a stepmother may not have a biological connection to her children, but the emotional one can be just as real. If not realer,  depending on the family or situation.  So when you see a phenomenal step mom, salute her; for her love is not less than a real mom.  It’s just established and created differently. Respect her, as her sacrifices and duties are the same once the children come into this world.

It’s Hard Being Beautiful¬†

It sounds crazy, but yes it’s hard being beautiful in this cold world. When you’re beautiful, pretty or gorgeous we are usually labeled as “whores”, “stuck up”, “easy” or lacking intelligence. That’s definitely a myth,  one that still needs debunking.  Not every woman is the same,  nor should we be labeled as such. 

Yes, some beautiful women are pretty; but stupid and promiscuous. But a lot of us are smart, gorgeous ladies with degrees and a future.  Every woman is different whether she’s easy on the eyes or not. But being beautiful and phenomenal, we must work twice as hard to get the same respect the not so pretty women get with ease.  I mean is it really hard to believe that a gorgeous woman with brains; knows how to keep her legs closed too?

Women and the term “Bitch”

“Bitch” in the dictionary is defined as a female dog.  Yet it’s a derogatory term used by men and even women to describe a woman.  Its actually a disgusting word when you think about it. Just imagine someone calling your mother or daughter that; you would be highly upset.

Men have used it for ages to disrespect women. To call them out their name.  Women use “bitch” to refer to themselves,  their female friends and their counterparts. When we as women were all given a birth name as well as other more respectful terms to be addressed by. 

So we as women should lead by example and respect one another.  Being careful not to use the word “bitch” at all.  After all men are listening to us and will only call us what we call ourselves.  We must show we have respect for ourselves and what we say out our mouths holds a lot of weight.  Being sure to uplift and empower another; not put each other down.  Real men know real women when they see them and they definitely don’t call them “bitches”.

Are Women too “Catty” to Have Real Friendships?

The answer to this question depends on what women we ask. For every women is different and so are friendships.  How each woman make and maintain friendships will vary.  Some are “back stabbers, others “takers”and the rest don’t know what it means to be a real friend.  Thus women aren’t so inclined to trust one another nor do some women even have female friends.

 Yet friendships are great support system when it’s genuine and beneficial to all parties. Some women are just too “catty”, jealous, selfish and deceitful to be friends with.  But then the real women and great friends; fall back from the “friendship scene”. As they fear being betrayed, hurt or used.  So they’d rather stay to themselves or should I say stay in their own lane.  Can you blame them?

The Truth About Motherhood

The truth is being a mom isn’t all laughs and smiles. Some days we cry and are ready to “pull out our own hair” from disappointment, stress and tears. Times we aren’t proud of ourselves, wishing we could of made better choices. Things we wish never happened. Where we try our hardest to do what’s right for our children and we don’t succeed. Moments we blame ourselves for every one of their littlest setback. Getting mad at ourselves for not listening to our gut instincts.We are then reminded that, a mother’s intuition will never steer us wrong. That nine times out of ten; it could never be more right.But in all reality, life happens to the best of us and no mother is perfect. Nor will there ever be a book to teach us how.
We go through motherhood to learn lessons; ones that teach us the most about life. To show us to never give up on our children, no matter how rough it gets. That we must trust in all that we have learned, conquered and succeeded at. For even when our children are 18 or 30 years old; we will always be moms. That motherhood is an ever changing process throughout the life cycle. Not just when our kids are young. We will still be learning something new and probably failing a time or two. Even when they are grown and old. Then instantly we see these mistakes and life lessons made us the woman and mom we are today. As we become proud of those not so perfect things and see motherhood is a forever thing. That we never stop being a mother. Not for anyone or anything.