When You Have Something Good. . . . . .

You hold on to it because great creations come once in a lifetime. We may not know it at first, but everything real shows it’s “true colors”. For the unauthentic stuff just seems to disintegrate into thin air; unseen to the team. So when you have something good you hold onto it for “dear life” and cherish the good and “come for” the bad. As the bonds created could never be broken by any force field or entity. Only intensified and glorified; built to stand the test of time.


Women Know How to “Move”

Women are actually quite intelligent when it comes to dating and relationships. Men just think women don’t know any better or won’t leave. But that’s not the case.  They are just giving y’all the “benefit of doubt”. Women be riding for the team even when men aren’t paying attention. Thus women already know what men think they never thought of.  We just keep quiet,  play our position and let the cards unfold. Why come off the throne and stoop to a level that don’t even exist for a Queen?

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas is not what it use to be. So many don’t understand that our most valuable gifts in life are the ones we can’t take back. Children are the most precious gift life can offer. So I hug mine every night for there’s nothing in this world worth more than my 4 children.

The Effects of Raising Autism on Parents

Raising Autism is stressful, emotional,  unpredictable; yet amazingly comical. The breaks are minimal, free time is hard to come by and the love is magnified. Raising children on the autism spectrum is a full time job for parents; regardless of anything else we do. Hence the more we kids we have, the younger they are and if low functioning; the harder it is on parents.

 So there are days we will pass out from exhaustion; tending to their every little want and need.  Other times, we laugh about the 45 minute screaming fit our son had in Target. One that almost caused mom and dad to fight.  Times we blame ourselves for not knowing what to do to make them happy. Moments we are proud of all they have learned and overcame. 

So with each passing day we push aside our feelings, pull through the fatigue and “play the hand that has been dealt to us”. Doing the best we can to raise the children we brought into this world. As we help them cope with the “symptoms” that influence their behaviors and affect their quality of life. While keeping up with all the IEP meetings,  doctors visits,  therapist appointments and special diets. With confidence that all this hard work will pay off; one day at a time.  For our children are only young once and when it comes to raising autism; being there early is what counts the most.

Eggs and Mayo for Healthy Hair

One minute we want to chop it off,  the next we are trying a new hair care product. If not we are dying it a new shade of blonde for the new summer season.  All the “wear and tear”our hair goes through to look beautiful ; keeping it healthy can be difficult. Which is why Eggs and Mayo are a great bi -weekly hair care regimen. Affordable every day food items, that are great hair care products.  A natural protein treatment used to strengthen and condition hair. While giving locks a deep cleanse, just without all the stripping. Used to treat dry, damaged or thinning hair.  Or simply for regular hair maintenance. Eggs and Mayo get the job done at a cheap price with little risk to our hair and great results. Ladies, we just can’t go wrong.