Life is What We Make it

Every day we wake up, we are evolving into who we want to be. With each night we lay our heads to sleep, we are alive to do it all over again. For we are all given the same opportunities to live and thrive. Its just some of us have more avenues to grow than others. Yet how we use our space and time is entirely up to us. So we can choose to waste away or spread our wings and soar high. Building the life we want or something close it. Because we only have one life to live.


Healing Old Wounds

The past always has a way of “creeping” back into our lives. Whether we want it to or not. Its ususally triggered or “brought back up” by old memories of unpleasant people, places and things. Thoughts and feelings that reopen old wounds and cause emotions to stir. So to heal old wounds we must fully put the past behind us. Healing how we heal, individually. Occupying our days and nights with love laughter, and positivity. Living and breathing the future so the past cannot be seen, heard or thought of. With the understanding that life is too short to hold onto things that don’t matter to us.

We Care Too Much About What Others Think

We as human beings have this desire to belong to a group. To be with and around others and it’s reflected in the relationships we maintain. We tend to care too much about what others think about us and how we live our lives. Where we let what others say, feel and think dictate our actions and behaviors. As we feel the need to be with others to make our world go round. Which there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be loved and accepted by others. Its not loving ourselves first and foremost, that is the problem.  As that alone influences everything we say and do. But sometimes the fear of being alone is greater than our desire to belong. So we spend more time caring what others think, instead building ourselves up.Yet the approval of others shouldn’t equal a sense of belonging for oneself. Learning to be alone and loving ourselves is the solution to this problem. Therefore when we care too much about what others think, we place too much value on others opinions of us. 

 Autism and Sleep

Whether its a long day, the texture of the bed sheets or the creaking bathroom door; sleep can be affected by the slightest thing. Like an alarm that goes off in their brain that says I do not agree. They can be seen rocking themselves back to sleep. Tears flowing from their eyes, scared to close their eyes again. Wide awake for hours like its daylight. In their minds what they feel, hear and see is very real. Even painful and extremely aggravating to their eyes and ears. Soft music or television on low; maybe a fan will do. If not, my mere presence will be suffice. Anything to create a little noise to drown out any other noise. Makes no sense at all, but it works. Children with autism can be that tricky when it comes to sleep. Any little disturbance or noise can hinder a good night’s sleep. See what works for your child and if nothing works; its just one of those night’s. Grab some coffee!

When Our Plates Are Too Full

When our plates are too full, we become down right “stuffed” with life. Where we are overwhelmed at everything in our presence. We briefly become unaware of what to do with ourselves. So we keep going on or keep “piling the food on” until we can’t take it anymore. Everything just becomes one big blur or “glob of food” in our faces. Its then, we rethink how our plates got so big or full. We then realize we are better off taking it slow to (re)build a balanced plate; not too full, not too empty. For it’s more beneficial to make a great plate in time, than build a quick one in no time. 

When our plates are too full, things are just off. We may lose control or be unable to face the plate we’ve made. When this happens its time to “check” ourselves before we lose control. Ridding ourselves of any negative energy. Accepting ourselves for who we are and reality as we know it. For life is what we make it; the good and the bad.  Therefore when our plates are too full; growth is hindered and happiness isn’t a priority. And life is just too short for all that. So becareful what you put on your plate and what you throw away. 

Marriage Views Today

Today, everyone is getting married or tieing the knot; just to do it.Yet the term marriage is often tossed around too lightly. A lot of times people are “changing their statuses”; for the wrong reasons. Not for love or because its something they genuinely want to do. But for materialistic things like cars, money and houses. Or because they are at that “age” and they just don’t want to be lonely. 

Times have changed and so have the views on marriage. What marriage meant generations ago, doesn’t “ring the same bells” today. Yet its a beautiful thing that is literally life changing.  For marriage is what you make it for you and your partner; not everyone else and y’all. Marriage is simple and easy when both parties are real and love one another. Thus what is understood doesn’t need to be explained; just felt with the heart.