Life is Short

Life is short and time is guaranteed to no one.We should live every day like its our last. Every moment like its our first. What we know and hold could be gone tomorrow. Life is just so unpredictable, we never know which way it will hit us. Be thankful for who and what you have. Life is short; not everyone is meant to stay.


Accepting a Diagnosis (Raising Autism Book Excerpt)

Staring at these beautiful children of mine; I would of never thought they would need so much help. Nor would I think I would be faced with the same feelings over and over again. To sum it up I was hopeless; yet optimistic. Such a crazy way to feel. But it comes with raising children with autism. So accepting one diagnosis after another; felt too surreal. But it was definitely happening. Yet with each diagnosis I somehow tried not “feel a way” since I “already been there”. ‘I couldn’t do that as I saw each of my children as individuals with different cases of autism. I got to see no person with autism is the same.It changed my outlook on motherhood, on life itself.

Raising Autism

Gluten Free Diet

Most people hear gluten free and think dull food. Some say they would never make the switch and I don’t blame them. Its a hassle to eat gluten free food, but some have no choice. Yet its still a diet anyone can try. Gluten free eating is just more expensive and not always available when you need it. Plus it can be tricky to cook gluten free foods to our liking. Too much or too little heat and it just wont taste right. But what most people don’t know is gluten free food tastes just like “regular” food minus the wheat or gluten. Its just as delicious and mouthwatering to consume. Gluten free eating is an all or nothing kind of thing though. You either eat it or you don’t. There’s no in between. Otherwise the diet is pointless.

A Real Woman Knows. . .

. . .Her vagina isn’t a way to a paycheck or a way to pay her bills. A real woman would rather get it on her own, without degrading herself. . .

. . . .That the latest weave, jordans, heels or pretty dresses don’t mean a thing; if she can’t raise her kids right, work, cook or clean. . . .

. . . .A real father when she sees one; so she uplifts him through fatherhood. Encouraging him to be the best father he can be; regardless of her relationship with him. . . .

. . . Having class and self respect isn’t an option, but a requirement in life. That in order to succeed as a woman, in a male dominated world; we must always be on top of our game. . . .

. . . .She has no competition, for she knows her worth and won’t let anyone devalue it. A real woman is aware that she is only competing with herself. To make herself a better woman, mother and wife. . .

. . . .Another real woman when she sees one, so she salutes her. She gives credit where it’s due, its only right . . . .

. . .When she is wrong or has done something out of character. She learns from her mistakes and does it better the next time around. . .

. . . .How to go after her dreams and goals; she knows the streets aren’t going no where and neither are the men. A real woman knows the importance of having her own vision for success. . . .

. . . .A real mother when she sees one, even if she isn’t one. For real women know, motherhood is no joke; so she respects her hustle. . . .

Valentine’s Day: Teaching our Children to Love

Valentines Day is a holiday that many of us, spend with our partners and spouses.To go along with a useless, overrated tradition where couples “prove” how much they love one another with expensive gifts.

Yet the truth is, it shouldn’t take 1 holiday out of the year for a man or woman to show their partner they care. When it can be given any time of the year, just because. Because when we truly love someone, every day is Valentine’s Day. Real love is expressed all year around; no strings or dollar signs attached.

So it’s my belief that this is a holiday to celebrate love with our children. Its a day to teach our children the meaning of unconditional love and true friendship. Showing them how to give and receive love in a healthy, loving way. Accepting them for who they are without forcing them to be something they are not.

Loving ourselves for who we are; inside and out. Being our children’s biggest role models. As we encourage them to love one another; regardless of their skin color, social class or sexual orientation. Showing them how to love and be loved in the most realest way. For love is simple.It has no barriers, only the ones we impose on ourselves.

Living Stress Free: 5 Ways to a Happier Life


  1. Learn to say no to others, especially loved ones. You just can’t do it all and be everywhere at once. So say yes to what you can do. No to things you don’t have time to do or would stretch you too thin. Delegate tasks to others if you must.
  2. Cooking is time-consuming but the healthiest way to eat. Cut time and cook in bulk. Store and freeze leftovers. Use zip lock bags and Tupperware. Less stressing over what to eat every night. Quick dinners for those busy days.
  3. Practice patience with yourself and others. No one is perfect. You will make mistakes, but don’t stress the bad. You will have no time to discover the good.
  4. Parents should run a “tight ship “. Bedtimes, chores and rules are consistently stated and enforced. Remembering to stress less about a messy house and unfinished to do lists. Just enjoying your children when you can; especially while their young.
  5. Stay clear of people, places and things that can’t motivate, educate or inspire you to be better. Negative energy leads to drama, stress and pain. Misery loves company and that isn’t the company you want to be apart of.

Staying True to Who We Are 

To stay true to ourselves we must not lose sight of who we are. Sometimes its easy to get caught up in life and lose touch with ourselves. We work so much and play so little. While having “a million things on our plates.” So sometimes we don’t pay attention to our instincts when they are signaling something is wrong. Thus we make poor decisions, sometimes over and over again.Until the lesson is finally learned. And then and only then; do we wake up and realize change is necessary and inevitable. As we recognize that there are some things we just have no control over and that is okay. Sometimes the best thing we can do is let it go and let it be. For what is meant to be will be and what is not; will not be.

Why Aren’t More Women in Office?


Despite how far women have come in society,  they are still underrepresented in office. Meaning we as women have minimal say so in the political decisions that affect our children, families and communities. The numbers for women in office are low across the political board. With women sitting in only 21% of the seats in Congress, 19.3% in House of Representatives and 19.6 % in Congress. Yet there’s no logical reason for these low numbers except gender inequality. As women are just as qualified and educated to do the job men do in office. They just aren’t treated the same ( less pay or poor treatment) or aren’t offered the same opportunities in politics because of whats between their legs. Although they hold degrees, bring home the bacon and are behind some of the great men of this country. Thus with the strides women have made, there’s no reason the numbers of women in office shouldn’t be closer to 50%. Equal representation, equal say. Is a woman’s opinion not as valuable a man’s; because he has a penis?

Being a Parent is for Life

Once we bring children into this world, life isn’t just about us anymore. Nor will it ever completely be. For no matter how old we get, we never stop being parents. Whether our children are 3 or 38 years old, they’ll still need us. So we will find ourselves cleaning up vomit, taking prom pictures or sending our kids off to college. Changing pampers, soothing broken hearts and babysitting grandkids. Whatever it may be; being a mom and dad is a lifetime journey. One that will be fast and sometimes slow; but it will never cease to exist. Being a parent is for life.

Learning From Our Mistakes

To better ourselves we must examine who we are and the decisions we make. For every mistake made is an opportunity for a lesson to be learned. Whether we learn from our mistakes or not; is another thing. Sometimes we must fail again and again to truly understand the “moral of the story”. So we don’t make the same mistakes again, from the error of our ways. Thus when we have learned our lesson; we will have gained knowledge to make better decisions. To do it bigger the next time around with less mistakes and more success.