Happy Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year, where we pride ourselves on being the best moms we can be. We secretly blame ourselves for every time one of our children fail. Forgetting to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. It isn’t until the years pass by, do we really see who we are as mothers. What we have sacrificed and what we have gained. The time spent nurturing and loving our children to be all they can be.

So on this day we cherish things, both big and small. Whether it’s the handmade cards and gifts from our children. The hugs and kisses that light up our hearts. Or the breathtaking jewelry and lavish clothes we wear. With all the joy we receive on this day; we are reminded that every day is Mother’s Day. Not just one Sunday in May.

Nicole A. Walker


Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Beauty is more than a contention; its a woman’s whole being. It becomes a conundrum when we compete to destroy one another. We tend to think we are better than the next woman. But we are not. We are only in competition with ourselves, the image in the mirror.

Nicole A. Walker

Jealousy or Secret Admiration?

Its in the way we move, think and act that will make others envious.We might not have it all, but then again who does. Someone somewhere will not like us just for being who we are. For one reason or another, jealousy will always lurk as we move about. Admiration will rear it’s head, but not too high. Sometimes we can be the poorest person in the world and have the most riches. We could even be paid and be envious as hell. Life is all about winning and losing. People just hate what they can’t have or don’t know how to relate to. But in life we gotta run with the good and build up the bad. After all how jealous can we really be. Maybe its secret admiration for something, no matter how big or small. Its just in the way we move, we just can’t have it all. Human perfection doesn’t exist.

Love is Love

Through our senses and emotions; we can convey much about how we feel about one another. To express what our heart feels, yet what the mind cannot say or won’t say. With eyes and smiles; laughter, tears and hugs. Love has no guidelines to expression. We just love how we know and want to be loved in return.

Nicole A. Walker

Love Has No Barriers

Relationships Aren’t Color Blind

Funny thing about relationships is that no one knows what really goes on behind closed doors. Some may speculate, others may think they can resonate. But truth is such thoughts and feelings vary from couple to couple. What’s between he and she, isn’t always for they. For the good seems to go unnoticed; blind to they. Where the ugliness is magnified times a thousand. Who knows what to believe. But what isn’t for they, shouldn’t matter. Relationships aren’t color blind, there’s a whole spectrum of colors. Different shades for various angles of relations.